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For Technical Research:

You can reach a Haynes Technical Research Representative in these ways:


E-Mail is the best way to reach us. E-mail provides faster service for you and avoids the hassle of phone message "tag". All e-mails will be answered within one working day.

Send an e-mail to research@haynes.com and be sure to include the following:

  • Your full name
  • The e-mail address where we can reach you
  • A detailed question or comment regarding your Haynes manual
  • The manual you are using and specific page numbers


Call toll free at 1-800-442-9637 and ask for Technical Research. (Regular business hours Monday-Friday 7:30AM-4:30PM PST)


Write to us at the following address. Please be sure to include your phone number as we may be able to address your concern better by phone.

Haynes Manuals, Inc.
861 Lawrence Drive
Newbury Park, CA 91320
Attn: Technical Research

For Customer Service Regarding Orders:

If you have questions about an existing website order, or are having trouble placing a website order, please contact our Customer Service team as follows depending on the Haynes product:

For a Manual Online (Electronic version)

Please Email us at cstn@haynes.com or Call (during regular business hours Monday-Thursday 8AM-5PM CT and through 4PM CT on Friday) at 1-800-242-4637.

For a Printed Manual via haynes.com

Please Email us at cstn@haynes.com cstn@haynes.com

To Contact Haynes by Phone with Non-Technical Questions:

The above contact methods are preferred by Haynes to most efficiently handle your requests. If you have a Non-Technical question and you want to talk to a Haynes representative, you are able to contact us by phone. During normal business hours during the week (8AM to 5PM Central Time Monday-Thursday and through 4PM on Friday), you can call Haynes Customer Service at 1-800-242-4637 (US Customers).

This Customer Service group can handle general questions and site order issues but they are not our Technical Research team. You must follow the directions above to reach Technical Research.

haynes client testimonials
In my younger years, I was very good at taking things apart but then I didn't manage to bring them back again...When I found Haynes manuals, things happened, and suddenly I could see what was in front of me... what was behind that metal plate, etc., etc.! I ALWAYS buy a Haynes manual now for my boats/cars/trucks and pickups. They are so good and save me a lot of time!! Keep up the good work, Haynes!
Ulric J
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haynes client testimonials
Ever since I bought my first truck, the first thing I got was a Haynes manual. Since that truck, I've owned 5 other vehicles. Without my Haynes manuals, I wouldn't have got out of some pretty sticky situations. I remember my dad sending me off to pick up my first manual. Ever since then, they have been a huge life saver!! So you can easily say, I'm a dedicated die hard fan from day one!!Thanks!
Corey C
BC, Canada
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