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Small Engine Repair Haynes Techbook 5 HP and Less
Our Price: $29.95
Sale Price: $19.95
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What you can learn
All there is to know about Small Engine Repair for up to and including 5 HP engines:
--Includes Briggs & Stratton, Honda, Sears Craftsman and Tecumseh
--Small engine carburetor repair
--Tools and equipment
--Shop practices and safety
--Tune-up and maintenance procedures
--Carburetor adjustment and overhaul
--Ignition system servicing
--Recoil starter repairs
--Repair and overhaul instructions
--Comprehensive specs
Table Of Contents
Chapter 1: Setting up shop
Chapter 2: General shop practices
Chapter 3: Troubleshooting
Chapter 4: Tune-up and routine maintenance
Chapter 5: Repair procedures common to all engines
Chapter 6: Briggs & Stratton engines
Chapter 7: Tecumseh/Craftsman engines
Chapter 8: Honda engines
Product Detail
Softcover: 256 pages
Part Number: 10340
ISBN-13: 9781850106661
ISBN-10: 1850106665
Product Dimensions: 8 by 11 inches
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Haynes Techbook series: This series of comprehensive manuals gives the home mechanic an in-depth look at specific areas of auto repair. Each manual offers easy-to-follow text plus hundreds of hands-on photos.
Small Engine Repair Haynes Techbook 5.5 HP through 20 HP
Complete coverage of 5.5 through 20HP engines from B&S, Tecumseh/Craftsman, Kohler, Honda and Robin/Wisconsin Robin engines including troubleshooting, tune-up and maintenance, servicing, repair, overhaul and all specs.

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Ever since I bought my first truck, the first thing I got was a Haynes manual. Since that truck, I've owned 5 other vehicles. Without my Haynes manuals, I wouldn't have got out of some pretty sticky situations. I remember my dad sending me off to pick up my first manual. Ever since then, they have been a huge life saver!! So you can easily say, I'm a dedicated die hard fan from day one!!Thanks!
Corey C
BC, Canada
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