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Motorcycle Electrical Haynes Techbook
Our Price: $45.95
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What you can learn
Motorcycle electrical systems made easy:
-- All motorcycle electrical equipment fully explained
--Clearly captioned step-by-step pictures show precisely how to perform many tasks
--Aimed at anyone from the professional mechanic to the home DIYer to the Motorcycle engineering student
--Over 600 illustrations
Available at better Motorcycle/ATV retailers
--Ignition and combustion explained
--Spark plug types and construction
--Ignition: Magnetos, coil and battery, CDI, transistor and digital
--Fuel injection and engine management
--Alternators, DC generators and starters
--Lighting and signaling
--Braking and traction control systems
--Electrical fault finding
--Practical testing and test equipment
Table Of Contents
Chapter 1: The complete system
Chapter 2: Electrical basics
Chapter 3: Ignition and combustion
Chapter 4: Ignition: Coil and battery
Chapter 5: Ignition: Magnetos
Chapter 6: Ignition: Capacitor Discharge Ignition (CDI)
Chapter 7: Ignition: Transistor and Digital Ignition
Chapter 8: Fuel Injection
Chapter 9: Engine management
Chapter 10: Spark Plugs
Chapter 11: Charging: Direct current (dc) generators
Chapter 12: Charging: Alternators
Part A: Flywheel alternators
Part B: Single-phase alternators
Part C: Three-phase alternators
Chapter 13: Batteries
Chapter 14: Lighting and signaling
Chapter 15: Starter motors
Chapter 16: Circuits and system components
Chapter 17: Braking and traction control (ABS and TCS)
Chapter 18: Testing and Fault finding
Product Detail
Softcover: 256 pages
Part Number: 3471
ISBN-13: 978185739362
Product Dimensions: 8 ½ by 11 inches
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Corey C
BC, Canada
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