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Haynes Aquarium Manual: The complete step-by-step guide to keeping fish By: Jeremy Gay
Our Price: $29.99
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With the increasing popularity of this hobby, the Haynes Aquarium Manual will appeal to complete newcomers and seasoned fishkeepers alike. The manual goes through every aspect thoroughly, from choosing which type of fish to keep in the first place to decorating the tank, feeding and breeding. Presented in an easy-to-use style with clear color photography, chapters include setting up, filtration, water quality, fish health, equipment, maintenance, buying fish, and species profiles. Step-by-step projects cover setting up tropical, coldwater and marine tanks, acclimatising fish, and tank and filter maintenance.
Product Detail
Cover: Hardback
Pages: 160 pages, 500 color illustrations
Book No: H4640
ISBN: 9781844256402
Book Size: 8.3 by 10.6 inches
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