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Piano Manual: Buying, problem-solving, care, repair and tuning By: Graham Barker and John Bishop
Our Price: $32.49
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Aimed at everyone with an interest in pianos, amateurs and professionals alike, this is a thorough but highly readable technical guide to the world's most influential musical instrument. Most people, even competent pianists, have no idea how a piano works, yet understanding a piano's truly remarkable technology can greatly increase the pleasure of owning and playing one. Even though the most humble upright has thousands of working parts, this innovative manual explains how straightforward it can be to maintain and improve a piano's performance.
Product Detail
Cover: Hardback
Pages: 200 pages, 396 color & 2 black and white illustrations
Book No: H4485
ISBN: 9781844254859
Book Size: 8.3 by 10.6 inches
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