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Haynes Xtreme Customizing Manual: Ford Full-size Pick-ups
Our Price: $34.95
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What you can learn
Haynes—publishers of the best automotive manuals for repair your vehicle—now offers the same easy-to-follow, step-by-step process for customizing your ride. Everything from wild custom body kits and paint to racing seats and radical engine mods can be found in this comprehensive book. And, since it’s from Haynes, it’s easy to do-it-yourself!
Complete coverage on customizing your Ford Pick-up:
--Raise or Lower your Suspension
--Add In-car Video
--Brake Upgrades
--Body & Exterior
--Custom Painting
--Build a Sound System
--Engine Performance
--Interior Mods
--Handy Tips and Tricks from the Experts
--100s of Customizing Ideas
--Full Color throughout
Table Of Contents
--Chapter 1: Introduction
--Chapter 2: Body and Exterior
--Chapter 3: Painting and graphics
--Chapter 4: Interiors
--Chapter 5: Wheels & Tires
--Chapter 6: Suspension
--Chapter 7: Brakes
--Chapter 8: Engine Performance
--Chapter 9: Off-road
--Chapter 10: Towing
--Chapter 11: In-car Entertainment
--Chapter 12: Accessories
Product Detail
Softcover: 200 pages
Part Number: 11315
ISBN: 1 56392 544 3
Product Dimensions: 8 ½ by 11 inches
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Ever since I bought my first truck, the first thing I got was a Haynes manual. Since that truck, I've owned 5 other vehicles. Without my Haynes manuals, I wouldn't have got out of some pretty sticky situations. I remember my dad sending me off to pick up my first manual. Ever since then, they have been a huge life saver!! So you can easily say, I'm a dedicated die hard fan from day one!!Thanks!
Corey C
BC, Canada
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