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The Beatles Across The Universe: On Tour and On Stage By: Andy Neill
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Culturally The Beatles were a global phenomenon - changing all facets of popular music for good, but not just because they were a band that made great recordings. How big a part did performing in concert play? Would they have achieved what they did without an early grounding in the dancehalls and clubs of Liverpool and Hamburg? After their first year as a headline-grabbing attraction, why did The Beatles soon tire of the relentless pace of Beatlemania? The Beatles Across The Universe: John, Paul, George and Ringo On Tour And On Stage examines the Beatlesí frenetic existence through the use of over 300 images. The pictures are all from the Daily Mirrorís archives - the world's largest newspaper archive of Beatles images; many of the photographs in this book have never before been published. The book examines in detail the Beatles as a worldwide attraction primarily between the years of 1963-1966 when Beatlemania spread across the world.
Product Detail
Cover: Hardback
Pages: 256 pages, 300 color illustrations
Book No: H4816
ISBN: 9781844258161
Book Size: 8.3 by 10.6 inches
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