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Dad Manual : How to be a great father
Our Price: $22.49
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The Dad Manual is aimed at fathers who want to involve their sons and daughters in a variety of projects and activities and also build them traditional play equipment - from go-karts to doll houses. Getting kids away from computer games and spending quality time with their families is recognized to be a good thing and this manual will give dads (and moms) plenty of inspiration to keep them entertained for hours - whether it's for a weekend, a long car journey or a wet holiday. There are projects for all ages of children, with guidance on duration and skills required for each project. Each subject is accompanied by clear color photographs or diagrams and written in a light-hearted, easy-to-read style.
Product Detail
Cover: Hardback
Pages:192 pages, 200 color illustrations
Book No: H4443
ISBN: 9781844254439
Book Size: 8.3 by 10.6 inches
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