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Haynes Coarse Fishing Manual: A step-by-step guide By: Kevin Green
Our Price: $26.39
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The thrill of catching a fish for the first time is the magic that helps make coarse fishing one of the biggest participation sports. Young or old, male or female - this sport is open to all and lasts a lifetime. This Haynes Manual provides key advice for this journey no matter what your knowledge of fishing. If you're a budding angler looking to learn the basics, it will get you off to a flying start. If you're a more experienced fisherman you'll find advanced suggestions that will help you catch more fish.
Product Detail
Cover: Hardback
Pages: 200 pages, 400 color illustrations
Part #: H5073
ISBN: 9780857330734
Book Size: 8.3 by 10.6 inches
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Haynes Outdoor Survival Manual: A step-by-step guide to practical bush craft and survival outdoors
By: Dave Pearce
Foreword: Bear Grylls

In the Foreword by Bear Grylls, he describes the Haynes Outdoor Survival Manual by Dave Pearce in this way: "This book is the sum parts of all of Dave's extensive experience, condensed into a book that is both simple to read and simple to apply. If used correctly, it will empower you to survive the harshest of conditions."

Haynes Motor Boat Manual: Buying, using, maintaining and repairing motor boats By: Dennis Watts
Haynes Motor Boat Manual is packed with well-illustrated practical information and handy tips for both new and existing boat owners. This manual covers the routine maintenance, repairs and improvement of a motor boat and includes useful sections on buying, moorings and safe boating techniques.

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