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Tips From the Pros
- Windshield Wiper Replacement
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The following information is general in nature. It should not be used as your entire source of information when working on your vehicle. Details on your particular vehicle can be found in your Haynes repair manual.

Windshield wipers are one of your car parts that you really don't think about until they stop doing their job - usually in the middle of the biggest storm of the season.

Each time you wash your vehicle (or once a week or so), lift the wiper arm away from the windshield and wipe the rubber edge of the blade with a clean cloth and a little windshield washer fluid.

haynes - tips from the pros - wiper 1

As you clean the rubber blade, check for any cracks or tears which would mean replacement right away.

As you lay the blade back against the windshield, check that the full length of the blade is touching the windshield glass with a slight pressure.

When checking wiper operation always make sure the windshield glass is wet, either by using the Wash function of the system or by using a garden hose.

In winter, if you switch on the wipers with the blades frozen in place, you can quickly burn out the wiper motor, which could be an expensive mistake. De-ice the glass before using the wipers.

Many car owners, especially those living in areas with harsh winters, will automatically replace windshield wiper blades before the start of winter.


Lift the arm away from the windshield until it locks in the upright position. If it won't stay, hold it away from the windshield as you remove the blade.

haynes - tips from the pros - wiper 2

To remove the blade, first turn it at right-angles to the arm. Press the securing tabs (where installed), then slide the blade out of the hooked end of the arm.

haynes - tips from the pros - wiper 3

Install the new blade to the arm, making sure that it is fully seated. Lower the arm gently to the windshield and check for proper operation after first wetting the glass.

haynes - tips from the pros - wiper 4

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Ever since I bought my first truck, the first thing I got was a Haynes manual. Since that truck, I've owned 5 other vehicles. Without my Haynes manuals, I wouldn't have got out of some pretty sticky situations. I remember my dad sending me off to pick up my first manual. Ever since then, they have been a huge life saver!! So you can easily say, I'm a dedicated die hard fan from day one!!Thanks!
Corey C
BC, Canada
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